Monday, September 10, 2012

The Last Stage of Fertilisation

When the sperm enters the egg, it sheds its tail and leaves it outside. We may compare this to a space shuttle which detaches its fuel tank when returning to earth. As we know, when the fuel tanks which carry the shuttle outside the earth's atmosphere have fulfilled their purpose, they are released into space; when the fuel inside them is used up, the tanks are an unnecessary weight. To facilitate leaving the earth's atmosphere, it is necessary that these tanks be released at exactly the right time. In the same way, the tail of the sperm, which provides the required energy and movement capability, is left behind as the sperm attempts to enter the egg.
It is obvious to the attentive reader that fertilisation is a highly calculated and systematic process. Very slowly the fluids which surround the egg dissolve the sperm's armour as it reaches the outer membrane surrounding the egg. The enzymes that are released at the moment the sperm's armour is perforated allow the sperm to pierce the egg's outer membrane and enter. The change in the electric charge at this moment repels other sperm and protects the newly developing organism from uninvited guests.
When the sperm reach the egg, only one of them s
ucceeds in penetrating its protective membrane.
(1) When the sperm enters the egg, certain changes occur and 
the egg closes itself to other sperm.
(2-3) Once it enters the egg, the sperm's tail breaks off and remains outside.
(4) Fertilisation occurs.
If such a highly protective and cooperative system had not been created, the union of the sperm and the egg would never have been achieved.
If the egg cell had not secreted the guiding fluid, it would not have been possible for the sperm to reach the egg, which is so distant from it relative to its own size.
If the sperm had not had its armour, they, like other microorganisms, would have been dissolved in the fluid surrounding the egg.
If special dissolving enzymes had not been placed beneath this armour, the sperm would never have been able to enter the egg, even after having gone so far as to reach it.
If the electric charges of the sperm and the egg had been the same and not opposite, the egg would have repelled the sperm and no sperm would have entered the egg.
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As we can see, in the union of a single sperm with an egg, there is an extraordinary balance and calculation. Furthermore, this balance and calculation have occurred not just once; they have been repeated time and again since the beginning of the human race for every one of the millions of individuals spread throughout the world.
Even in one single stage there is no room for chance in this miraculous process, which shows very plainly that God created human beings.
Everyone in the heavens and earth belongs to Him. All are submissive to Him. It is He Who originated creation and then regenerates it. That is very easy for Him. His is the most exalted designation in the heavens and the earth. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.  (Qur'an, 30: 26-27)
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