Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Food of This World: MOTHER'S MILK

From the moment a baby opens its eyes to this world, its body must adapt to a new life. Every factor to facilitate this adaptation has been put into effect during and after the pregnancy. The clearest example of this is the stage of the formation of mother's milk.
The formation of the milk is provided by the mother's hormones. The production of milk is connected basically to a hormone called "prolactin" produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. During pregnancy, the progesterone and the oestrogen hormones produced by the placenta prevent prolactin from being activated and producing milk. But the placenta is discharged after birth causing the level of progesterone and oestrogen in the blood to fall; after this, prolactin comes into action and contributes to the formation of milk. Because of this communication among the hormones, such a valuable nutrient as mother's milk is prepared exactly at the moment when the baby needs it. This is indeed a momentous exchange of information. While the placenta is in the body, it performs vital tasks but at the right time it must be ejected. This brings with it a very important development for human life. As we have seen, in the stages of human creation all the things that take place complement one another. Certainly, these are clear proofs that every human being has been constructed by a supreme power.
And these stages continue after the baby has come into the world. The production of milk by the mother increases according to the baby's need for nourishment. In the first days, up to 50 g. is produced; in the sixth month, the production may be as high as one litre. Those scientists who have tried to find the formula for mother's milk have been unsuccessful after long investigations because there is no standard type of mother's milk. In every mother's body, milk is produced according to the needs of her own baby, and this milk nourishes the baby in a way that no other extraneous nourishment can. Research has shown that the antibodies, hormones, vitamins and minerals in mother's milk are determined by the needs of the baby.

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