Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Those Who Claim That Evolution Has a Place in Islam Are Unaware That 300 Million Fossils Have Demolished Evolution

Some Muslims suppose with the levels of knowledge of the 1940s and '50s, that evolution is a theory supported by science and seek to reconcile Islam with evolution in their own eyes by using a very weak and peculiar logic along the lines of "Muslims knew about evolution before Darwin." That logic is the product of a grave ignorance.
First, the error of evolution did not initially emerge with Darwin. All materialists throughout history have maintained that life formed spontaneously from earth and rock and that life forms descended from one another. Evolution is a pagan belief dating back thousands of years. The Sumeriand and the ancient Egyptians believed in and espoused evolution. The Egyptians, for instance, thought that living things emerged spontaneously from the muddy waters of the Nile. It is therefore meaningless to say, "evolution was known before Darwin, and Muslims knew about evolution." Of course Muslims and the first Jews and the first Christians, and the Sumerians and the Egyptians knew of the existence of a heretical idea known as evolution. But in those days, as also today, rational people of good conscience could clearly see that evolution was an error, while other espoused that error because of their materialist and atheist mindsets.
1. A 54-to-37-million-year-old fossil sunfish,
2. A 295-millionyear- old fossil sea urchin,
3. A 125-millionyear-old fossil cicada,
4. A 50-millionyear-old fossil sequoia leaf
Fossils are proof that evolution never happened. As the fossil record shows, living things came into being in a single moment, with all the characteristics they possess and never altered in the least for so long as the species survived. Fish have always existed as fish, insects as insects and reptiles as reptiles. There is no scientific validity to the claim that species develop gradually. Almighty Allah created all living things.
Second, the claim that life forms came into being by stages is not supported by any scientific finding. If life forms were descended from one another, as Darwin and earlier evolutionists maintained, then this should be visible in the fossil record. Some 300 million fossils have been unearthed from excavations to date. But not one indicates that one living thing turned into another or that life forms have so-called common ancestors. All these 300 million fossils, without exception show that living things came into being suddenly and with all their characteristics, in other words that they were created and remained unchanged for millions of years, meaning that they never evolved at all. If no transitional form has ever been found despite the earth having been extensively excavated over the last 150 years, if not one person been unable to respond to the challenge, "I will give 10 trillion lira to anyone producing a transitional form fossil," if Darwinism said that his theory would collapse if no transitional form was found, in other words, if there is no concrete evidence at all, then it is meaningless to try to mislead the public by saying things like, "our ancestors were microbes," "the ancestor of birds has been found" or "our ancestors were palm trees."

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  1. There are lots of "transitional forms": have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transitional_fossil.

    Can I give you my bankaccount number so you can transfer me the 10 trillion lira?