Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Science Of Allah's Creation

So far, we have examined the grave error committed by those who accept the assertion that "Allah used evolution to create living things." Unlike other evolutionists, such people do not directly say that life emerged by chance. However, by maintaining the error that Allah used evolution in His creation, they willingly or otherwise support Darwinism on some points. According to their mistaken perspective, Allah must have used such evolutionary mechanisms as mutation and natural selection, which is a totally groundless claim.
However, science has demonstrated that neither natural selection nor mutation can create a new species. In other words, they have no evolutionary force. Those who support the idea of evolutionary creation maintain that Allah uses mutations to change a living thing's genetic data so that it can acquire useful organs, or that Allah first creates primitive creatures and then employs natural selection to turn them into more complex ones and to perfect them. In other words, He uses natural selection to add a new organ, lets an already-existing organ atrophy, or do away with it altogether in order to turn one species into another.(Allah is beyond that) But the fact is that these claims are both unscientific and also incompatible with the Qur'an.
People, who are unaware of the latest scientific developments can easily make such faulty assumptions, particularly if they wish to support evolution. However, such a claim flies in the face of scientific fact. Moreover, as we shall see later, the Qur'an does not mention such a thing.
One thing needs to be made quite clear: Of course Allah could have employed evolution to create living things if He had so willed. Yet the Qur'an contains no information regarding evolution and not one verse supports the evolutionists' claim of the stage-by-stage emergence of species. Science also reveals the falsity of such a claim. Since the situation is so clear, there is no way for a Muslim to justify his/her support of it. The only possible reasons for such errors are a lack of information, an inferiority complex when dealing with evolutionists, and the belief that since evolutionists are in the majority they must necessarily be right.

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