Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FOSSIL MUSEUM - SP0807: Leaf Of Climbing Fern

AGE:50 million years
LOCATION:Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA


Clearly, the hoaxes, distortions and fossils proposed for years as proof of evolution by Darwinists are actually evidence against the theory. David Berlinski, a Princeton University mathematician and opponent of evolution, describes how fossil findings refute evolution: ". . . [T]here are gaps in the fossil graveyard, places where there should be intermediate forms, but where there is nothing whatsoever instead. No paleontologist . . . denies that this is so. It is simply a fact. Darwin"s theory and the fossil record are in conflict." (David Berlinski, "Controversy: Denying Darwin," Commentary, September 1996, p. 28) One such fossil is the leaf of climbing fern pictured here. This fossil shows that climbing ferns that lived 50 million years ago were no different to present-day specimens, invalidating evolutionists" claims.

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