Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FOSSIL MUSEUM - SF1070: Catshark

AGE:95 million years
LOCATION:Haqel, Lebanon


According to Darwinists’ unscientific claims, plants, animals, fungi and bacteria all share a common origin. The 100 or so different animal phyla (basic taxonomic categories, such as mollusks, arthropods, worms and sponges) have all descended from one imaginary common ancestor. According to the theory, invertebrate organisms gradually (and by chance) turned into fish by acquiring a backbone; fish then turned into amphibians, amphibians into reptiles, some reptiles into birds and others into mammals. Again according to the theory, this transition encompassed a long period of time—hundreds of millions of years—and was carried forward in stages. That being the case, countless intermediate species should have emerged and existed during the long transition in question. Yet no sign of any such intermediate forms has ever been encountered in the fossil record. Like that 95-million-year-old catshark fossil pictured here, the fossil record shows that living things came into being fully formed with all their features, and survived unchanged for millions of years.

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