Saturday, September 15, 2012


AGE:490-443 million years
LOCATION:Hefalla Formation, Morocco


This starfish fossil is about 500 million years old—a rare specimen whose characteristics have been very well preserved. The starfish"s characteristic five arms have come down to the present time unchanged. There is no difference between starfish that lived half a billion years ago and the starfish of today. Like hundreds of thousands of other fossils, this one also shows that living things did not evolve and have undergone no change for hundreds of millions of years.


  1. The reason why there are still starfish like the one 500 million years old is because they did not need to change due to the environment they are in. That does not mean that every living thing stayed the exact same.

  2. species that need to adapt to survive, either adapted and evolved, or they became extinct. Evolution explains how the species we have today evolved from earlier species, and why we no longer breed with our cousin species, for example. Evolution does not dictate that EVERY species MUST change, or that any species must change in a predictable pattern or time sequence. Perhaps the author of this blog post should learn more about evolution before trying to debunk it.

  3. I thought the earth was only 6000 years old according to my minister? I thought carbon dating was inaccurate?

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  4. I totally agree with raytheist on this one. There ate mutitudes of examples, the nautilis for one, whereby they can remain in a stable emvironment and have no need to further evolve. Crocodiles, similarly ancient, evolved from having fins to feet. Just one example of mulitudes available to prove the contrary to your ignorant statement. Not to mention volumes throughout the anthropology......

  5. What Raytheist said covers it pretty well. Not every species is going to undergo a lot of evolutionary change, particularily those in stable environments. Even so, who knows what *internal* changes might have occured, not shown by the fossil record?

    Beyond that, admitting that the earth is at least 500 million years old and using that idea to argue against evolution is really failing to see the big picture.

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  8. Hey I got a number for you evolution junkies. 999 billion years in the making. Haha get it? oh, you don't? I figure if we are going to make up numbers, that it should be at least funny.

  9. The intricacies of DNA is a slam dunk against something coming from nothing. Many evolutionary scientists across the world are quietly jumping off the evolution train. The microscope and telescope are proving to be tools of truth and the enemies of evolution and the Big Bang theory.

    Do your research if you must, but God made the truth simple enough for everyone to understand through His creation of the natural world. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to believe in creation. It just takes a little common sense.

    How does something come from nothing? Common sense says it can't. Mans theories are only understood by those that perpetuate them. Students are duped into believing theories as fact because they don't want to be mocked for believing the simple truth.

    Ever see a real snowflake vs a man made snowflake under a microscope. A simple but powerful demonstration of God.