Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1. The Error That Man Was Created By Evolutıonary Stages

What is the matter with you that you do not hope for honor from Allah, when He created you by successive stages(Surah Nuh, 13-14)

Those who support the deceit of evolutionary creation, interpret the words successive stages as meaning "going through evolutionary stages," according to their own perverted logic. However, interpreting the Arabic word atwaran as evolutionary stages, which is no more than a personal opinion, is not unanimously accepted by all Islamic scholars.

Atwar (situation, condition) is the plural of tawru, and appears in that form in no other Qur'anic verse. The Islamic world's interpretations of this verse demonstrate that fact that this verse contains no statement concerning the theory of evolution in any form.

In his interpretation, Muhammed Hamdi Yazir of Elmali translated the verse as: "He has created you stage by stage through several conditions." In his commentary, he described these stages as "steps of evolution." However, this description has nothing to do with evolution, which proposes that man's roots lie in other living species. In fact, immediately afterwards he says what these stages are:

According to the explanation given by Abus Suud first come the elements, then nutriments, then mixtures, then sperm, then a piece of flesh, then flesh and bone, and this is finally shaped with a completely different creation. "Blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!" (Surat al-Muminun, 14) Is not Allah, the Almighty Creator, worthy of praise and respect? Can He not raise you still further with another form and creation? Or can He not also destroy you and cast you down into sorrowful torment? Why do you not think of these things?

As the above statements show, this verse describes how a person reaches his or her mother's womb as a sperm, develops as an embryo and then as a piece of flesh, and then develops into flesh and bone before emerging into the world as a human being.

In Imam al-Tabari's commentary, Surah Nuh, 14 is translated as "In fact, he created you by stages," and interpreted this as meaning, "You were first in the form of a sperm, then He created you as a blood clot, then a small piece of flesh."46

Omar Nasuhi Bilmen translates the verse as "In fact, He created you through various degrees," and goes on to interpret it as follows:

He (created) you through various degrees. You were first of all a seed, then a drop of blood. You became a piece of flesh and possessed bones, then you were born as a human being. Are not all these assorted and exemplary occurrences and changes shining proofs of the existence, power, and greatness of a Lord of Creation? Why do you not think of your own creation? 47

As we see here, Muslim Qur'anic scholars agree that the interpretation of Surah Nuh: 14 refers to the process involved in the development of the human being from the joining of a sperm and an egg. That the verse is to be interpreted in this way is clear from the principle of "interpreting Qur'anic verses in the light of other Qur'anic verses," because in other verses Allah explains the stages of creation as being those inside the mother's womb. That is why atwaran has to be translated in this way. It is clearly sees that the word atwaran carries this meaning. It is not justified to use the word as support for the theory of evolution, which tries to tie the origins of man to another living species.

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