Friday, August 31, 2012

Ramapithecus Error, The

Evolutionists who suggested that the Ramapithecus fossils discovered in India go back some 15 million years also proposed that these fossils were a definite intermediate form in the scenario of human evolution. However, it was realized that these fossils actually belonged to an extinct species of ape, and Ramapithecuswas quietly removed from the imaginary human family tree.198
The first Ramapithecus fossil discovered consisted of an old jaw made up of two parts. Yet on the basis of these parts, evolutionist artists somehow managed to draw pictures of Ramapithecus in his natural habitat, together with his family.
he first Ramapithecus fossil discovered consisted of a partial jaw, broken into two pieces. Evolutionist artists, however, had no difficulty in portraying Ramapithecus and even his family and habitat, based solely on these jaw fragments.
198. Prof. Dr. Eşref Deniz, Tıbbi Biyoloji, 4th Edition, Ankara, 1992, p. 354.

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