Friday, August 31, 2012

Impasse of Chaos Theory, the

See Second Law of Thermodynamics, the (The Law of Entropy)
Aware that the Second Law of Thermodynamics makes evolution impossible, various evolutionist scientists have recently engaged in speculation in order to bridge the gulf between the Second Law and the theory of evolution and to clear away this obstacle.
Of these advocates, the Belgian scientist Ilya Prigogine is the best-known with his claims made in the hope of reconciling Termodynamics and evolution. Starting from the concept of Chaos Theory, Prigogine put forward a number of hypotheses to the effect that order could emerge from chaos. Yet despite all his endeavors, Prigogine failed to reconcile thermodynamics and evolution. This can clearly be seen in his following words:
There is another question, which has plagued us for more than a century: What significance does the evolution of a living being have in the world described by thermodynamics, a world of ever-increasing disorder? 220
Prigogine was aware that at the molecular level, the theories he had produced did not apply to living systems—a living cell, for instance. He set out the problem in these terms:
 The problem of biological order involves the transition from the molecular activity to the super molecular order of the cell. This problem is far from being solved. 221
The final point reached by the concept of Chaos Theory and the conjecture based on it is that no concrete result supporting and confirming evolution and eliminating the dichotomy between thermodynamics and evolution has ever been obtained. As in all other spheres, science once again reveals that with regard to thermodynamics, evolution is impossible and that there cannot be other explanation for the emergence of life than creation.
220 Ilya Prigogine, Isabelle Stengers, Order Out of Chaos, New York: Bantam Books, 1984, p. 129.
221 Ibid. p. 175.

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