Thursday, August 30, 2012

Galapagos Islands

This group of islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador contain a great many living species, particularly birds and reptiles. The miraculous diversity that Darwin observed here led him to conclude, in contrast to many others at the time, that all living things had come into existence as the result of chance. He was unable to appreciate the infinite might of God, the Creator of them all. He should have been influenced by the artistry in the universe and as a researcher, have immediately comprehended this fact. But he actually followed a logic that was diametrically opposed.
Although he collected thousands of specimen and preserved them in alcohol, he was interested only in finch species and when he investigated them, made very narrow-minded deductions. Naturally, the thinness, length of shortness of finch beaks can be examined. Yet nobody who thinks along rational and scientific lines should make a deduction solely on the basis of such an investigation about the origin of all living things—for instance how giant whales, different kinds of elephant, flies with their wondrous acrobatic ability, the butterflies with marvelous symmetry on their wings, different fish living under the sea, shellfish, birds, reptiles and, most important of all human beings possessed of reason and consciousness.

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